Connecting Autoresponders - Mailchimp

Follow this step by step guide to connect your Mailchimp Autoresponder account to your Tabfu Tab.


1. Click the ‘Get your api key’ button in step 1 of the Add Autoresponder window in Tabfu (located in the Tab Template Editor).


2. Login to Mailchimp and click the ‘create a key’ button.

3. Copy the newly created API key that is created.

4. Back in Tabfu, paste in the API key into the space in step 2 and click connect.

5. Then your available lists will show in the drop down menu. Choose one and your list will be added and a confirmation tick will display. Now emails captures on your Tab will be added to the selected list.

*Note: you have to have already created a list within Mailchimp for it to show up in the drop down menu.


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