Creating Motion Posts [Video Tutorial]

Watch the video below to learn the basics of creating a Motion Post with Tabfu



Creating Motion Post Steps:

1.Navigate to the motion post page and click the 'create new motion post' button to open the motion post editor.

2.Choose a published Tab to link your motion post to, or paste in any URL of your choice.

3.Choose media for your post. You have the choice between creating a static image post, a video post or an animated post.

3a. Image Posts: Simply choose a stock image from the library or upload your own - when a lead clicks this image on Facebook your Tab or URL will load.

3b. Video Posts: Paste in your video URL and choose a video thumbnail from the library or upload your own - when a lead clicks the thumbnail on Facebook your video will enlarge and play. If they click the post text they will be directed to your linked tab or URL. *Please note video posts when viewed on mobile will act as an image post and link directly to your tab or external URL if the thumbnail is clicked (this is to stop Facebook automatically redirecting mobile video posts to Youtube or Vimeo - and therefore away from your linked tab or URL).

3c. Motion Posts: Choose a stock animation or upload your own .gif file. When a lead clicks the post image they are shown a quick endless loop of the promotional message. When they click the post text they are directed to your Tab or external URL.

4.Message: Choose which fan page to post to, choose to post now or schedule for later and fill out your message.

5. Preview your post and check your settings - click post when you're ready and your motion post will go live on Facebook (or queue up if you chose to schedule).


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