How can i share my tabs to mobile users?

You can share your tabs so they are viewable on mobile devices in 2 ways.

The simplest way is to create any motion post and link your desired tab in step 1 of the motion post editor, then anyone who clicks on that post on your Facebook Fan Page (On desktop computer, tablet or mobile device) can access the tab correctly - See the Creating Motion Post Tutorial for more information.

The second way is to copy your mobile tab link from your saved tab and then manually share that link with anyone you like. Please follow these steps to do so:

NOTE: This link will also work if clicked from a tablet or Desktop computer

1.Navigate to your Facebook Tabs Page and find the Tab you want a link for, then click on the mobile link icon as shown below

2. A window will pop up with your mobile link, simply click 'copy' and the link URL will be copied to your clipboard


3. A tick will display to confirm your link is copied. Your copied link can then be posted to Facebook or shared with whoever you like and when clicked on mobile will display correctly


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